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Have the warm summer months and storms been rough on your trees? When you’re in need of expert tree care, the Bartlett Tree Experts are your go-to for help with your trees. Learn more about this local business and what they offer Bartlett area homeowners with Wolfchase Honda.

Bartlett Tree Experts Services

  • Tree Cabling & Bracing: If you’re worried that one of your trees may give way during the next big storm, cabling or bracing your tree may be the next step. These supports help trees stand up to the twisting forces found in large storms.
  • Disease & Insect Management: Using a holistic approach that includes pruning, optimizing soil, and occasionally releasing beneficial insects to balance populations, Bartlett Tree Experts can help combat disease and insects that damage and destroy trees.
  • Deer Management: Consuming up to six pounds of plant material each day, deer have the capability to do some major damage to landscaping. Employing a deer repellent program based on the time of year and deer population can keep deer away and preserve your plants.
  • Tree Removal: If a tree is dead or dying due to storm damage, insects, or something else, removal may be necessary. This is the most dangerous of arboriculture, and requires the expertise of specially trained arborists.
  • Soil Care: Beyond just applying fertilizer, Bartlett Tree Experts ensure your tree’s soil contains the required level of organic matter, as well as maintains the proper PH.
  • Analysis & Diagnostics: When your trees and shrubs need help, but you’re not sure what the issue is or the next steps to take, the arborists at the Bartlett Tree Experts can examine and diagnose your plants.
  • Pruning: To maintain a healthy tree or shrub, periodic pruning may be needed. During this process, strategic branches will be trimmed. In some cases it may be to thin an area, while in others it may be to rid the tree of dead or dying branches. Lower branches or extremely long branches also may need to be pruned in certain circumstances.

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