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What Is Forward Collision Warning?

Honda Forward Collision Warning System

Forward Collision Warning is one of the many features in the Honda Sensing® safety suite of technologies. It uses radar to monitor the front of your car on Arlington streets. If it detects that you’re about to collide with an object, it will alert you with visual and audio cues. Read on for a more thorough answer to the question, “How does FCW work?” and then reach out to Wolfchase Honda in Bartlett for a full breakdown of the Honda Sensing® safety suite of technologies.

How Does Honda FCW Work?

Now that Memphis drivers know what Forward Collision Warning is, it’s time to take a look at how Forward Collision Warning works. This system scans the road in front of you for possible collisions. If the sensors detect an impending collision, this system will make sure you’re aware of the danger ahead by using:

  • Vibrations
  • Sounds
  • Visuals
  • Quick brake pulsing
  • Mixture of signals

By alerting you before the accident, features like FCW help to prevent accidents before they ever happen. Pair this system with the available Collision Mitigation feature, and your Honda can even apply the brakes itself should you not respond fast enough.

Honda Forward Collision Warning System Features

Rear-end crashes are statistically among the most common types of collisions on Cordova streets. Forward Collision Warning aims to make them obsolete. Here are some important features at work in the system:

  • Scanners can monitor speed changes in objects up to 500 feet ahead of you
  • They scan the road up to 20 times a second
  • These scanners can detect vehicles, bicycles, motorbikes, and more
  • They’re effective in any kind of weather and even at night
  • They allow for 5 seconds of reaction time

Have More Questions About What Forward Collision Warning Is?

If you’re still wondering, “How does FCW work?” simply contact Wolfchase Honda today. We’ll make sure you know everything you need to know about your Forward Collision Warning system. If you have questions about other Honda features, be sure to check out our research guides for more informative reads about the Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™) and Lane Departure Warning. Whatever your needs, we look forward to meeting them and exceeding your expectations!

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