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Where is Honda From?

Honda Civic Lineup

Memphis customers frequently ask, “Where is Honda made?” Often, people ask about some of our customer-favorite models such as the Honda Civics, CR-Vs, and Accords. So if you’re asking, “Where is Honda from,” would you be shocked if we told you new Honda models were made here in the US? Explore where Honda is from with Wolfchase Honda in Bartlett!

Where Are Honda Cars Made?

So, where is Honda from? Usually, everyone is aware that Honda is originally based in Japan however, almost all Honda vehicles that are sold in North America are now being built in the United States. Cordova drivers should note that there are 12 fully-functioning Honda manufacturing plants placed throughout the United States. Here is a list of states and cities where Honda plants are operating:

  • Timmonsville, South Carolina
  • Swepsonville, North Carolina
  • Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Marysville, Ohio
  • East Liberty, Ohio
  • Lincoln, Alabama
  • Greensburg, Indiana

Where Are Honda Parts Made?

Now that we’ve answered your question, “Where are Honda cars made?” You should know where Honda parts and components are made as well! This knowledge comes in handy when you bring your Honda in for service and are told your vehicle may need a part. If it’s made in the US, you won’t have to wait as long since it’s not shipped overseas! Here are the cities where Honda parts are made:

  • Anna, Ohio
  • Russells Point, Ohio
  • Tallapoosa, Georgia
  • Burlington, North Carolina

Where Are Some Popular Models Made?

Over the past few years, Honda’s transition to assemble models at U.S. plants has grown steadily. For instance, the popular CR-V is one of the newest Honda models being produced in the United States, the model is now being built in Greensburg, Indiana.  In 2015, the Honda Civic and Accord both made Motor Trend’s top 15 cars list with the most North American-made parts. It was noted that 65% of Civic parts and 70% of Accord parts were sourced from Canada and the U.S. The Accord ranked six and the Civic ranked fifteenth.

Explore our New Vehicle Inventory at Wolfchase Honda

Now that we’ve answered the questions, “Where is Honda made?” and “Where is Honda from?” we’re here to get you behind the wheel of your next Honda model! Contact us at Wolfchase Honda near Arlington when you’re ready!

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