How to Enter Your Honda Accord Radio Code

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The audio system on your Honda Accord requires Bartlett drivers to enter in a Honda Accord radio code after the battery dies or is changed. This is a simple process that requires a small amount of research. Wolfchase Honda covers how to enter Honda Accord radio codes below! 

Locating the Honda Accord Audio System Code 

Your Honda Accord audio system code, or your Honda Accord radio code, is specially appointed for your Accord as a safety precaution. You can locate your Honda Accord audio system code in a few simple ways: 

  • Owner’s Manual: As with most car issues, your owner’s manual should have the Honda Accord audio system code printed inside it. 
  • Glove Box: You may also be able to retrieve your Honda Accord radio code if you look for a sticker inside of your glove box. 
  • Online: Visit the Honda website and enter in a few details about your car in addition to personal information to retrieve your code. 
  • Service Center: If you’re still having issues, our Bartlett service center should be able to help you find your radio code. 

Now that you’ve retrieved your code, knowing how to enter it is pretty straightforward. 

Entering Your Honda Accord Radio Code 

Now we’ve come to the easiest part of the process: entering your Honda Accord Radio code. On your center console, you may see a prompt to enter your code. Or you may simply need to enter the 5-digit code using the radio preset buttons. Either way, once you’ve put in the code, you should be able to use your Honda Accord audio system! 

Own a Honda Civic? The process for finding a Honda Civic radio code is pretty much the same. Just follow the steps above and you’ll be able to cruise down Cordova roads, blasting tunes! 

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At Wolfchase Honda, we don’t just want to offer Bartlett drivers affordable Honda vehicles; we want to empower everyone to take care of their car with service tips and tricks. If you need any help with your Honda Accord radio code or any Honda technology, please contact us today, and we’ll be able to help!

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