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How to Jump-Start a Car

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If your Honda vehicle doesn’t respond when you turn the key in the ignition, you’re dealing with a dead battery. Fortunately, you probably just need to jump-start your car. Read the guide below to learn how to jump-start a car (the proper way to jump-start a car, that is) and how to tell when your car battery needs replacement at a Bartlett-area Honda service center. If you need help jumping a car because your car won’t jump-start, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Proper Way to Jump-Start a Car

Arlington drivers trying to learn the proper way to jump-start a car will need two things: jumper cables and another vehicle with normal battery power. If your car won’t jump-start, just call Wolfchase Honda for help jumping your car. If you’re going to figure out how to jump your car with the help of another vehicle, follow these steps:

  1. Park the car with the good battery facing yours.
  2. Place both vehicles in Park or Neutral and shut off the ignition in both cars.
  3. Before jumping your car, make sure both parking brakes are engaged.
  4. Open both hoods and find the batteries. The batteries may be covered by a plastic hood, which you’ll need to lift off to expose the battery terminals.
  5. Identify the positive and negative terminals, and inspect to make sure they’re clean and free of corrosion.
  6. Connect one of the red cable clamps to the positive terminal of your dead battery.
  7. Attach the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the good battery.
  8. Connect one of the black clamps to the negative terminal of the good battery.
  9. Attach the final black clamp to an unpainted metal surface on your car’s frame (and not near the battery).
  10. With all 4 clamps secure, start the working engine and allow it to run for a couple of minutes.
  11. If jumping a car works and your car starts, don’t turn the engine back off right away! Drive the car around for at least 15 minutes to recharge the battery.

Why Won’t My Car Jump-Start?

What if your car won’t jump-start? First, try running the other engine for five more minutes before trying again to start yours. If your car still doesn’t start, you may need a new battery — or it could be a sign of a more serious problem. Take the following steps to troubleshoot your battery issue:

  • If you hear a clicking sound as you attempt to start the car, there may be a problem with the starter. Schedule service near Memphis with Wolfchase Honda.
  • If the interior lights and radio turn on but the engine fails to turn over, the problem could be a lot of things besides the battery. Your car’s ignition switch, alternator, battery, starter, or a fuse could be malfunctioning.
  • Your safety switch could be broken. This switch keeps your transmission from starting unless you’re in park or neutral. If it is malfunctioning, it will keep your car from starting.
  • Are you trying to figure out how to jump a car in cold weather? This can often make it more difficult for your car to catch a spark.
  • Are you using cheap jumper cables? Try a higher quality set.
  • Are your battery terminals corroded? This can definitely restrict the amount of charge they pick up. Remove the cables and clean the corrosion off with a wire brush.

Common Causes of Battery Failure

Can’t jump-start a car? You may be wondering what the common causes of battery failure are. The most common causes include:

  • Excessive heat
  • High vibration from either regularly riding on rough terrain or from having a loosely bolted battery terminal
  • Faulty alternator that is undercharging your battery and wearing it out faster
  • Improperly installed battery
  • Improperly sized battery

Rely on Wolfchase Honda for Expert Car Care!

Now that you know the proper way to jump-start a car, stay prepared by always keeping a set of jumper cables in your trunk. You never know when you — or a fellow Cordova driver — might need help jumping a car!

Visit us near Arlington for car care tips for your Honda vehicle’s spark plugs and learn about your car’s routine maintenance schedule. We can also teach you how to replace your Honda key fob battery, enter your Civic radio code, and more! Check out our maintenance specials for Bartlett drivers!

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