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How to Jump Start a Honda Insight

2020 Honda Insight Touring

If you’re trying to figure out how to jump start a hybrid vehicle or an electric vehicle in Arlington, you may be wondering if you can even jump start a hybrid or electric in the first place. The answer is yes! The process, however, is slightly unique.

Read on to learn about how to jump start a Honda Insight, and if you think you’re having deeper battery issues or need help, give our service department a call at (800) 591-5998. Have other questions? Consult our service tips for more informative reads about the model-specific maintenance schedules, tire rotation frequency, and more!

Step-by-Step Guide to Jumping Your Honda Insight

Before Memphis drivers attempt to jump start any hybrid or electric vehicles, including the Honda Insight, they’ll need to gather some supplies, namely jumper cables and a brush (for scrubbing off corrosion if necessary).

  1. Locate the Battery: When figuring out how to jump start a Honda Insight, note that the model’s V-12 battery is located inside of the center console as opposed to under the hood of your car. You’ll need to remove the trim panel on the passenger’s side of the car. The battery has a vent hole. Make absolutely sure that the vent tubing is properly connected to the vent hole because if the tubing is disconnected, you risk releasing hydrogen gas into the cabin.
  2. Locate the Jump Terminal: The jump terminal, which you connect to your cables, is located under the hood.
  3. Connect Cables to Your Car: You’ll want to lift the tabs off of the terminal to reveal the positive and negative clamps for your jumper cables. Make sure your vehicle is turned off while connecting the cables. You’ll want to affix the black clamp from your jumper cables to the negative mount in your terminal and affix the red clamp on your jumper cables to the positive terminal.
  4. Connect Cable to the Other Car: Make sure the other car is turned off and in park when you repeat the procedure listed above and connect the jumper cables to the car you’re going to jump from.
  5. Start the Other Car: Once you’ve connected the cars, start the working car and let it sit for about 10 minutes.
  6. Attempt to Start Your Car: If it doesn’t start, keep waiting (maybe another 10 minutes or so) and give it one more try. If it still doesn’t start, we recommend calling our service center. Your vehicle may be due for a new battery. If it does start, make sure to leave your engine running for 20 minutes to give your vehicle the time it needs to catch the full charge.

Need Help Figuring Out How to Jump Start Hybrid or Electric Vehicles?

Now that Cordova drivers know they can jump start a hybrid or electric vehicle and have the know-how needed to jump start a Honda Insight, if you think you’re in need of a new car battery, get in touch with our parts department. We offer a full spectrum of OEM Honda parts for every model at a price to compete. You can call our parts specialists at (800) 591-5998 if you have more questions.

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